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Change of Address

As a reminder, if you have moved since originally submitting your US-based residential address (where you physically reside), then you need to submit your change of LOCAL address update within ten (10) calendar days. 

You can check what residential (local) address is listed in the Cal Lutheran database and/or update your address through the MyCLU portal* home page:
  1. Go to MyClu
  2. Click on WebAdvisor
  3. Click on Students
  4. Click on Address Change (top left corner)
  5. Update    “Local” Residential Address (physical presence location)
After the university processes the update, the Office of International Students and Scholars will receive a notification that your local address was changed in SEVIS. 

*Note: If you have a problem with using the MyCLU portal to update your address, then contact the CLU Help Desk at or +1(805)493.3698.